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Laser Treatment Services in Western South Carolina

Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

Our facility utilizes Reliant Technologies’ Fraxel laser along with the Candela Corporation's family of lasers to provide a wide array of non-ablative laser treatments. These laser systems allow us to provide effective, fast and safe treatments to almost any area of the body. Our laser treatments include:

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Fraxel is a state-of-the-art laser treatment that promotes your skin's own healing process, resulting in natural rejuvenation that removes years from your appearance. Fraxel is effective in treating wrinkles, age spots, skin roughness, melasma and acne scars. We are a Fraxel laser treatment center. For more information about Fraxel, click here.
hand treatment1
hand treatment2
Neck Treatment1
Neck Treatment2
V Beam

Vbeam Laser

The Vbeam laser system is used in the treatment of rosacea, port wine stains, angiomas, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of scars.
Wrinkle Treatment1
Wrinkle Treatment2

Gentle Yag

The Gentle Yag is a state-of-the-art laser used for permanent removal of hair from any part of the body for any kind of skin type. Gentle Yag is effective in the reduction of wrinkles, scars, and fine lines from the face.
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal2
facial veins laser
facial veins laser1