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We have a safe and effective therapy for the treatment of acne.
Dry, Chapped Skin
and Eczema
We offer light therapy for dry, chapped skin and eczema.
Melasma: The Mask of Pregnancy
Our melisma treatment is successful in even the most resistant cases.
Skin Cancer
We do simple surgical removal and grafting for skin cancer patients.

Professional Skin Care in Western South Carolina

Give Your Skin a Healthier, Younger Look

Skin Care
How often do you notice your skin? Do you take proper care of it? Have you noticed a brown spot or a mole that worries you? Have you thought about ways to reduce itching and dryness or wondered about ways to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that make you look tired even on good days? Dr. John M. Humeniuk would like to look at your skin and answer your questions. Better yet, he may have just the right treatment to control, or even banish, your problems and worries.
Dr. Humeniuk has years of experience treating skin conditions and diseases, including and reaching far beyond embarrassing acne, unsightly and uncomfortable psoriasis, benign and dangerous skin cancers, and extending into a range of diseases that may be difficult to diagnose and treat.
In today's medical market, patients also want the most innovative treatments that enhance their skin and return the healthy glow that they enjoyed in younger years.