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5 Habits That Are Bad for Your Skin


Caring for your skin should be an essential part of your health care routine. To slow down the process of aging skin or prevent issues later, be mindful of your daily habits. Everything from diet to your environment may play a key role in how your skin looks and feels. Here are bad habits that could be sabotaging your healthy skin care routine.

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Adults of All Ages: Why Do You Still Have Acne?


Some adolescent skin problems can carry over into adulthood, including severe pimples, blackheads, and other forms of acne. If you're a young, middle-aged, or mature adult who still experiences severe acne (acne vulgaris), don't give up on your quest for clearer, smoother skin. 

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The 411 on Basal Cell Carcinoma


Even though it is the body's largest organ, most people do not place enough emphasis on caring for their skin. From acne and dry patches to redness and wrinkles, the various issues that can affect the look and health of the skin can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, certain skin imperfections could also mean there is an underlying disorder affecting your health.

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